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No More Blah Restore Our Vote (2015)




This book arose from the sacking of Prime Minister Abbott by the Liberal party room on 14 September 2015. Whether people vote for individual Local Member, party or leader is immaterial: every voter knew Mr Abbott was the Coalition prime ministerial candidate.

Looking back, I am surprised that CODE is in this little book in near-full conceptual form. Foolish surprise. The sacking came within 6 months of Factions Finance and Political Parties. It was a factions job, Turnbull’s centre defeating Abbott’s right. The Liberals were the major party still standing against sacking popularly elected prime ministers after Labor’s Mr Rudd and Ms Gillard. With Abbott, the last domino of parliamentary democracy fell. PM Turnbull is for later.

My focus had to widen from the corridors of faction and financial influence to government and society. More foolishly, I had forgotten that I was in the middle of writing Church of Democratic Enlightenment when Mr Abbott was sacked. That concurrent religions concern would be why No More Blah leans more towards organisation and mechanism. Localism and its member structures, the newly proposed People’s Government, the central problem of the absence of the ruling people are all there. It all remains, the People’s Government only giving way to a more moderate alternative from realism.

In its wide consideration of institutional problems, none gets more attention than the press. I may later contradict some of the things in this book, but I can’t be bothered checking. More important that I establish here my fairness to the press, and confirm the ingenuity of its deceptions – on myself.


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